Station_Poster03.jpgBack in 1993, The Hallucination Station actually

  became a band! Leftovers from bands like Glory 

  North, Eye Level, Say No More and Pushin Percy

  formed the band Station. 


  As the band literally lived at the nearest bar it was

  only natural to set up their show there. Station     

  promoted their shows at the local TV station and  

  performed as a house band at Söderby Krog and  

  Neptun 1994-1996. 


  Total mayhem at Söderby Krog and extremely

  loud shows at Neptun sometimes went way out of line. Trashed inventories and injuries as a result. 

  Station kept on playing! Weekend Shows, Acoustic Home party Shows, The All-Night-Long New Year

  Show and The Never-ending Christmas show at Neptun! Station kept on playing! 



  Sound and light by Simon & PA Månglarna gave loud shows with lots of  light and took Station out

  on the road. Station vent in the studio and recorded the album Hallucination Creation Station 1998. 

  Station performed a few more times and then they danced. They danced out to the left!


  Station: Henke Heineken Lindbäck, Björne Åsa Åsander, Micke Laman Laan, Jompa Warrior Lundgren

  and Rickard Drickard Monsén. Stunts by: Roffe Burning Pilotti and Micke Magic Huttanus.